Refill & Reuse

Plastic that is not recycled but disposed in the environment mostly ends up in the ocean where it harms nature, and all its living beings including humans. Approximately Indonesia produced 3.2 million tons of plastic waste in 2010, woth around 1.29 million tons of that ending up in the ocean. The figure places Indonesia to be the second largest plastic waste in the ocean after China. To those who look it is a disaster already but if we do not take precautions now it will ruin the future of our next generation and wipe out the marine creature we know today. Our goal is to reduce the adverse impact and excess packaging material on the environment and therefore we offer a discounted refills program.

We started this program because we were alarmed at the amount of plastic packaging our family was using everyday. It seemed crazy to use those big plastic bottles just one time and then send them off on a truck. Although everyone has heard of recycling, not all of us actively recycle our daily goods. VERTIQUE bottles are recyclable but they are also perfectly reusable. Our refill program is an easy and economical way to reuse your bottles. You can refill the plastic bottle from previously purchased VERTIQUE items and we are even let you bring any countainer you like to be refilled at a discounted cost.

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