Our facts

How we make our handmade soap?

Our handmade soaps are crafted using a centuries-old traditional technique. Made by hand, each individual product inherits slight variations in colour or shape that only comes from a handcrafted process. Our customers can be assured however, that we follow the same soap recipe through our product range.

What makes our handmade soap safe for the environment?

The ingredients we use naturally derived and hence, are all completely biodegradable. The packaging is also recyclable and reusable. No sulfate, no paraben, no petroleum-based chemical; this is the mission behind VERTIQUE products. Your skin will feel different and refreshed from natural nourishment and you can feel confident that your decision to purchase a VERTIQUE product makes an effort to be friendly to our planet.

Why does the product cost more than conventional care ranges?

The ingredients that go into our soap come from natural sources; while being slightly costlier, this ensures that our customers can be assured of a quality product that is safe and nourishing for all skin. This is what makes VERTIQUE unique, our products are not mass-produced and don’t contain lab-derived chemicals.